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Please read for information on placing an order for 7/4/2018.

Date last updated: 6/19/2018 12:05pm EST
Current cut-off date: Wednesday, 6/27/2018*

You may place an order for DR11 12" tubes now, but please make sure you are aware it may not make by 7/4/2018. We do not gaurantee it will arrive by 7/4, but we will do our best to ship it ASAP. We are taking orders for fuse and firing systems. These products are shipping same-day or the next day. Some items are totally out of stock and won't be shipping until after 7/4 (see the details on our rack page or the details for each item).

Please see our shipping map here. We ship all orders ground. Some people ask about expedited shipping and/or overnight shipping. Sorry, we do not offer this service.

*It will arrive on or before 7/3/2018. This is only for fuse and firing systems. There is no guarantee racks/tubes will make it before this date.

Adjustable Tilt Rack 18-shot Mortar Rack

PYROBOOM carries high quality firework HDPE mortar tubes, mortar racks and firework supplies for your amazing fireworks display.

Why is PYROBOOM the #1 consumer mortar retailer? Here's why:
  • Super-fast shipping
  • Personal email message when you order
  • Prompt and friendly customer service
  • High quality products at great prices

All of our HDPE firework mortar tubes are made of the industry standard HDPE pipe (made in the USA). HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) is the #1 choice for consumer and professional firework displays. Please don't hesitate to email us with any questions you might have. Let's light up the sky!

Customer testimonials

"Your racks are awesome! The next day I immediately ordered 3 MORE of the 20-SHOT DR11 racks."   Damon, April 2018

"You probably run one of the best online pyro markets for consumers and even some professionals. Can’t beat the prices honestly or at least I haven’t found a better place"  Dillon, April 2018


DISCLAIMER AND CONDITIONS FOR THE USE OF PYROBOOM LLC mortars and mortar racks: Any use of PYROBOOM LLC mortars, mortar racks or any of items for sale is at your own risk. Use of PYROBOOM LLC mortars or mortar racks in an unsafe manner may result in personal injury or property damage. All mortars should be used only with an appropriate mortar rack. PYROBOOM LLC will not be liable for any damage or injury resulting from the use of our mortars, mortar racks or any item for sale on this website.