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National Fuse Shortage Information

Date: 3/22/2021

We are asked nearly daily "when we will you have new fuse in stock?" Sadly we won't be getting new fuse in stock for a while. Around November of 2019 fuse was no longer being made in China to ship to the USA. As a result there has been a national shortage of fuse. Actually nearly every fuse supplier, including Pyroboom, are nearly out of fuse or out of fuse already.

As to why it was stopped being made we don't know exactly, but we believe it's because China has focused on making fireworks instead of making fuse. This is to get the supply back up here in the states. However, this is simply conjecture because we understand that there are many containers that are just sitting in China waiting to be exported. It also could be because of safety, regulations, politics and money.

We do believe fuse will be back, but it's matter of time. We don't know exactly when, but it probably won't be until after 7/4. If you need fuse and you can find it online or at local store we highly recommend you buy it.

Now for some seemingly good news. We do have thousands of feet of American-made Visco fuse. This fuse comes in green, red and red-white-and-blue and is 50ft in length. This fuse has heavy lacquer and we anticipate to have a good supply of this fuse. We also heard that fuse might be sourced from a different country, but even it was sourced from another country we don't still anticipate having fuse for your 7/4 show.

We do have a workaround. We know it's not ideal, but you could consider investing in a firing system if you don't have one already. Instead of using fuse you would just add more cues & igniters to your show. Certainly this is not as economical as using fuse, but will definitely work. If you are using mortar racks another option to consider is using the "hang out" from the leader fuse on the shell to fuse them together in a rack. Example, Excalibur shells (at the least the ones we have used) have a really long fuse and this fuse sticks out several inches out of the mortar tube. You could fuse them all together. We recommend that you don't let the shell hang. The firework shell must sit at the bottom of the mortar tube at the base. So, please don't pull the leader fuse out to accomplish this! If you have racks with spacers then this idea probably won't work.

We have been relentless trying find fuse for you and it's dead end after dead end.

One last thing. If you plan on having a fireworks show this year on 7/4 we highly recommend you buy your fireworks early. Store them in a safe and dry place!

If you have questions please don't hesitate to reach out to us. Light up the Sky in 2021!

List of suppliers that might have fuse in stock:

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