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  18M Firing Module
18M Firing Module
The 18M is a compact and rugged 18-cue firing module that functions universally with the 18R and 18R2 hand-held remotes and is perfect for both indoor and harsh outdoor environments. Each cue boasts 18V at 6A firing up to 10 series-wired e-matches, or 4 parallel-wired e-matches or Talon brand igniter clips per cue. The firmware will be 3.0.3. If you would like a different firmware then please let us know.

Module Mounting Boots:

Module Armored Cases:

Energizer Industrial 9V (PP3) Batteries:

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Simply press CH+ or CH- on the 18M to set any module to a channel between 00 and 99. Then, by changing the channel on the 18R or 18R2 hand-held remote, you can fire any module set to the same channel.

You can also set multiple modules on the same channel to have them fire at the exact same time. This is common for multi-position fronts, firing around a stadium, rooftop shoots, and other simultaneous effects separated by large distances.

The 18M uses three 9v (PP3) batteries. One of the 9v batteries is used to power the system operations only. The other two 9v batteries are used to fire cues only. By separating the power sources, you can ensure that full power is always available to fire cues even if the system has been left on for a long time.

The 18M also has a power conserving sleep mode. When powering off the 18R or 18R2 remote, the 18M will automatically fall asleep and conserve power for up to 24 hours. This allows you to place and arm your modules into position hours before the show begins. Then, when turning on your 18R or 18R2 remote, the module wakes up and is ready to fire.

On average, customers replace the same single 9v operational battery every 5 shows. It is not uncommon for customers to use the same operational battery for 10-15+ shows. It is not required to replace the batteries for every show. In fact, the two 9v firing batteries can commonly last 20-30+ shows.

For COBRA, safety and reliability are ten-fold the most important features of any firing system. With every system, COBRA incorporates SafeSense™ technology, a collection of technology- and usability- based safety features implemented by COBRA to ensure safe and reliable function every time you use the system.

IEEE® Unique network MAC addresses

Every COBRA18R remote contains a fully unique COBRA network MAC address. This address is programmed onto the unit permanently at the time of production and contains 16 x 0-F base-16 values. For example, 00.1C.2C.00.00.C0.00.01.

By syncing a COBRA18M firing module to the COBRA18M remote, the remote's network MAC address is saved and remembered on the firing module, even after power-on and power-off. Once saved, the firing module will ONLY respond to the remote containing this unique MAC address. This prevents any other COBRA18R remotes from firing your system. In addition, any time a firing module is sycned to a different remote, the previous MAC address is overwritten thereby ensuring the firing module only responds to the last remote to which it was synced.
2.4GHz CEL MeshConnect® tranceiver modules

All COBRA18 systems use 2.4GHz transceiver modules manufactured by California Eastern Labs (CEL), a US company that both develops and manufactures its MeshConnectTM line of IEEE 802.15.4 radio modules and transceiver ICs. The same CEL RF transceiver and software development platform is used successfully not only by COBRA, but also in a variety of safety-critical industrial wireless applications including medical monitoring systems and airport lighting controls.
Redundant, solid-state, self-testing MOSFETs

The COBRA18M uses redundant solid-state firing FETs on both the high and low side of each firing cue. This ensures that no power is supplied to the cue unless the firing module is both armed, in fire mode and is actively firing a cue. The redundant FETs provide protection against unintentional electro-static discharge (ESD) and also serve to automatically test for damaged or shorted FETs upon system start-up. If detected, the system will automatically disable itself and will not operate.
NFPA compliant user-design

The COBRA system adheres to National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) chapter 9.2 requirements including a key-operated switch, multiple actions to arm and fire, and minimum current requirements when performing continuity tests.
Contains FCC, CE and IC certified RF Module

The COBRA18 contains the CEL (California Eastern Labs) 802.15.4 2.4GHz RF transceiver modules and is affixed with the CE mark and the FCC mark: "Contains FCC ID: W7Z-ICP0" per Part 15 regulations.

The 18M is enclosed in 2.5mm thick high-strength ABS plastic shielded by a highly thermal and impact resistant black armored plating. The clear design blocks all entry of air, moisture and dust into the electronic housing by eliminating the need for cut-outs and micro-gaps in the enclosure. Polyurethane-coated fire-retardant silicon keypads have custom walls that push up against the top-enclosure to protect against moisture and dust. All switches and antenna connectors are also sealed using Loctite® 401 waterproof adhesive.

Although not required, COBRA also offers a few protective accessories including the Armored Case and Protective Mounting Boot.

COBRA is also designed a fully modular system. This means that if you were to damage any major component such as the 6-cue strips, enclosure, or antenna connector, you can easily self-replace without having to replace the entire 18M module.
The 18M uses two series-wired 9v (PP3) batteries to produce 18 Volts at 3 Amps. Assuming 22 gauge shooting wire, you can fire a recommended maximum of 10 e-matches in series and 4 e-matches or Talon igniter clips in parallel.
Wire Length
(ft. / m.)
Max Series
(e-match only)
Max Parallel
(e-match and Talon clips)
15 ft. / 3m. 10 4
90 ft. / 30m. 9 3
240 ft. / 80m. 8 3
495 ft. / 240m. 6 2

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