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Why use HDPE and not PVC?
HDPE is made from the same material as what you typically see in a shampoo bottle (take a look at the bottom next time you shower, see HDPE?). It's plyable, yet strong. Also alot of milk jugs are made out of HDPE, but that's pretty thin. PVC is brittle. If you have a blowout or flower pot (basically a shell that breaks in the motar tube) then you need a mortar tube that can absorb the pressure. PVC will have a pipe bomb effect and you don't want to get that junk in your body! HDPE tubes will expand and tear rather than shatter. Whatever you do, don't use PVC! PVC is often used for rocket racks... and that's OK because the actual firework is never inside the tube only the stick.

What is the inner diameter (ID) and outer diameter of a DR11 and DR9 consumer mortars?
The ID of a DR11 mortar tube is 1.91" and the OD is 2.4" A DR9 tube has thicker walls, it has an ID of 1.81 inch, but the OD is the same as DR11, 2.4 inches.

What is the difference between a DR11 tube and a DR9 tube and which one is better?
DR11 has an ID of 1.91" and DR9 is 1.81 inches. DR11 is the most common tube, and it's our best seller. If you don't know, buy DR11. Why DR9 then? DR9 is used for smaller shells. Yes, many fireworks shells fit into a DR9 mortar, but there no guarantee that your shells (mine shells too) will fit into the mortar. Again, when in doubt, go with DR11.

Will my 1.75" shells work in PYROBOOM mortars?
Yes. All consumer firework shells will work in our mortars. Make sure you purchase 12" DR11 mortars if you don't know which type to buy.

What is a mine shell and 8" mine tubes for?
A mine shell is a shell that breaks right from the tube shooting stars from the ground up. They also have a great low ground boom, which is very cool. To get a wider spread of the stars we made 8" mortars just for you! They are cheaper too. Remember, use only 8" mortars for mine shells. Never for aerial shells. (They break in the sky). Yes, of course, you can shoot mine shells from a 12" tube.

Why do your racks have a common factor of 6 (6, 12, 18, 36)?
Nearly all mortar shell kits you buy at the store come in packs of 6 or 12. We try to match those shell kits by making our racks with a 6 factor.

How long will a HDPE PYROBOOM consumer firework mortar tube last?
HDPE mortars should last your lifetime. The plug probably won't make it that long. JM Eagle (manufacturer of HDPE) has recently guaranteed their pipe for 100 years. It's highly recommended that you inspect your empty mortars once a year. Look at the entire tube and take a good look at the plug. Make sure it is not loose. If it is, replace it! Keep your mortars clean by blowing them out with compressed air before your next show. Also common sense goes a long way. It’s not a good idea to keep your mortars outside if you live in Michigan's upper peninsula. Keep those tubes inside where it's dry, just like your fireworks.

When does my order ship?
PYROBOOM is open all year round. We keep stock all year round too. Typically your order will ship within 48 hours. We use FedEx as our primary carrier and you'll receive a tracking number from them via email once your order ships.

You have great prices, but shipping, c'mon help me out here?
You ain't kidding! Shipping is a killer. We do get a nice discount from FedEx, but each tube nearly weighs .8 of a pound. So 50 mortars is about 38 pounds. We can't do much about shipping here. We are at the mercy of the carrier. If we were Amazon or Walmart... well…never mind.

Can I pick up my orders locally?
Sure, just make sure you bring some food and Diet Mountain Dew! We'll sit down and chat about fireworks for a while. Oh, yes, we'll give you your order all wrapped up in a nice brown box or two. No extra charge! Just let us know what you need about 4 days before you show up. Give us a call, or email us for local pickups. It's by appointment only.

What's the difference bewteen 12" and 15" DR11?
Sarcastic answer: 3 inches! Some like to use 15" becuase their shells have longer fuses. Also there are claims that 15" tubes will make the shell go higher, but this has never been proven.

Question not answered? No problem. Drop as an email

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