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PYROBOOM is partially closed until Monday, 1/30/23. All orders received will ship out after this date and email response time will be longer than normal. Thank you!
Order Status


Updated: 6/24/2022

For orders placed before the deadline (5/31/22 1:00pm EST):

Your order is still on track to arrive prior to 7/4/22. Racks are the slowest to ship. ALL loose tube orders have shipped out or will ship out by 6/24/22.

For orders placed after the deadline (5/31/22 1:00pm EST):

If you placed an order for any kind of rack (mortar rack, cake slice, candle), we don't believe it will arrive prior to 7/4/22. We hope to ship out most loose tube orders (not racks) that were placed before 6/5/22. Any loose/single tube order placed after 6/7/22 is unlikely to arrive by 7/2/22.

For orders that include zip ties, firing systems, fuse (anything we don't need to build) should arrive before 7/2/22. This mainly applies to orders placed before 6/20/22. USPS will ship much slower than FedEx. Firewire MUST ship USPS. We can't control the speed of shipping with USPS Parcel Select Ground.

Shipping Delay Explanation

Many people ask why it takes so long to ship my order? Answer: We ran out of ready-to-ship stock and we need to build it. This includes ALL mortar tubes and ALL racks. We process orders in the order they are received. The demand is higher than how fast we can build the product. We are aware you have a big show planned and we are sorry for the delay. It is impossible for you to place an order without agreeing to the shipping delay.  This info is posted here

Cancellation Policy

Due to the overwhelming amount of orders, we imposed a $10.00 cancellation fee. Our system we built does not have this feature just to click and cancel like Amazon does. We need to login to an account, find your order, and then type in your refund amount. We also have to update inventory and make sure your order is cancelled. All orders placed after the deadline are required to agree to this cancellation policy. This info is posted here

Faster shipping?

Paying more to us or paying more for shipping does not change how fast we can build the product. Sadly we don't offer this as an option.

Changing or combing your order

We don't offer this as an option.

Check your order status here. The Order ID will be in your inbox (you may need to check your spam folder). For Paypal customers it will be the item number. If you don't have an Order ID then please go to the shopping cart from the device your ordered from and see if your items are still in your cart. If there items in your cart then your order was not processed. If you still need assistance please contact us.

Step 1: Enter Order ID or Email address:

Step 2: Enter 5-digit Shipping Zip Code

DISCLAIMER AND CONDITIONS FOR THE USE OF PYROBOOM LLC mortars and mortar racks: Any use of PYROBOOM LLC mortars, mortar racks or any of items for sale is at your own risk. Use of PYROBOOM LLC mortars or mortar racks in an unsafe manner may result in personal injury or property damage. All mortars should be used only with an appropriate mortar rack. PYROBOOM LLC will not be liable for any damage or injury resulting from the use of our mortars, mortar racks or any item for sale on this website.