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Fuse Lynx 6-shot (3-pack, 18 shots) 12 SPF
Fuse Lynx 6-shot (3-pack, 18 shots) 12 SPF

There is nothing like this on market today. This is the fastest way to fuse a mortar rack. Fuse Lynx makes fusing a rack about 10x faster than over traditional connectors. No cutting, no measuring, less waste, super easy to use, super fast and no need to find fusing tools! Just insert the leader fuse from the shell in the Fuse Lynx and light up the sky! We highly recommend using the Fuse Lynx with a firing system for safety. Works with a 6-shot consumer mortar rack with no spacers. Each of the 6 "Lynx" is about 2.5" apart and the total length measures about 21 in. Burns about 12 seconds per foot (the entire length will take about 18 seconds to burn). When you order a quantity of 1 you will receive 3 of the 6-shot Fuse Lynx (18 shots total). Each one is 21" long and it will have 6 Lynx on the fuse. LIMIT OF 20 PER ORDER

Note: this use to sell as a 1-pack before 12/7/23.



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